Todays Gold Price in Qatar

Last updated on 23-Feb-2018.

Today, the Gold price in Qatar was QAR 154.00 per gram of 22 Carat Gold and the 24 Carat pure Gold today was sold at QAR 164.00 per gram in Qatar. One tola of 22Ct Gold in Qatar today was sold at QAR 1,796.23 and the 24Ct Gold rate in Qatar per tola was QAR 1,912.86 today.

Ten tola 22Kt Gold price in Qatar was 18,018.00 Qatari Riyals today. 24Kt Gold rate today in Qatar per ten tola was 19,188.00 Qatari Riyals.

Todays 10 grams 24Ct Gold price in Qatar was QAR 1,640.00 and the 22Ct Gold price per ten grams today in Qatar was QAR 1,540.00.

22 Carat Gold rate in Qatar was 1,232.00 Qatari Riyals per eight grams. The 24 Carat Gold price was 1,312.00 Qatari Riyals per eight grams in Qatar today.

In Qatar, an ounce of pure Gold was sold at 5,100.97 Qatari Riyals today, while the 22 Karat Gold price today per ounce in Qatar was 4,789.94 Qatari Riyals. A kilogram of 24 Karat Gold was sold at 164,000.00 Qatari Riyals in Qatar today and the 22 Karat Gold rate per kilogram in Qatar was 154,000.00 Qatari Riyals today.

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